Address: Twenty-eight HOURCAR hubs with 32 vehicles throughout Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

Project Overview:

HOURCAR provides all the convenience of owning a car with none of the trouble. HOURCAR members use transit, bicycling and walking for most of their daily transportation and rely on HOURCAR when they need a car.

For just a few dollars an hour, HOURCAR members can reserve a car in seconds, drive it immediately, and let someone else worry about parking, maintenance, and depreciation. Even better: the costs of insurance and fuel are included! HOURCAR is the smart way to drive!

Over 1,500 Twin Cities residents have discovered the joys of car sharing. It’s easy:

  1. Join: Become an HOURCAR member by completing a simple online application and viewing a brief orientation that prepares you to use the service.
  2. Reserve: Reserve any HOURCAR online or by phone, 24 hours a day.
  3. Drive: HOURCAR has no paperwork and no lines. Every HOURCAR member has a key fob that unlocks the vehicles; the cars are ready to drive in seconds.

HOURCAR costs $6 or $8 per hour and $0.25 per mile – click here to find out more about available rate plans.

HOURCAR is a program of the Saint Paul-based Neighborhood Energy Connection.


Operating Savings:

  • On average, HOURCAR members save more than $4,000 per year over the cost of car ownership.
  • Additionally, many HOURCAR members avoid the cost of paying for parking, either where they live, where they work, or both!

Energy Savings:

    • HOURCAR members pay for what they use, encouraging them to evaluate each trip and, when possible, use transit, bicycling or walking, thereby reducing their energy consumption.
    • Four HOURCARs are plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Two vehicles are stationed in the Energy Innovation Corridor at public vehicle recharging stations provided by Xcel Energy and the City of Saint Paul. The electricity for two additional cars is provided by solar panels.
    • Each shared car replaces between 15 and 20 privately-owned automobiles. 

Carbon Savings:

  • HOURCAR makes it possible for our members to substantially reduce their carbon footprint by relying on transit, bicycling and walking for most of their transportation needs. HOURCAR members only use a car when they really need one.
  • HOURCAR’s fleet is predominantly made up of hybrid cars and entirely made up of high-efficiency, low-emission vehicles.

Community Economic Benefits:

  • Reduces congestion and demand for parking.
  • Increases physical activity. HOURCAR members walk, walk to transit and bicycle regularly.
  • Supports neighborhood businesses. Because HOURCAR members rely on bicycling and their own two feet for much of their transportation, they shop more in their neighborhoods.
  • Supports the local economy. As a local non-profit organization, HOURCAR’s revenue is reinvested in expanding car sharing and is spent in the Twin Cities.


Energy Innovation Corridor fact sheet

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